Techagappe July- September 2017 Edition

I am very pleased to place before you, this 12th issue of TechAgappe, the quarterly review of health and laboratory medicine.  Previous editions were based on Cardiac disease, Renal illnesses, Hepatic ailments, Pancreatic disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Gastroenterological complaints, Gynecological maladies, Clinical Haematology, Lung diseases and Musculoskeletal disorders respectively.  This magazine is now regular in publication at intervals of three months.  I am also happy to report that the laboratory community has warmly welcomed the previous issues of the magazine.
This issue focuses on eye diseases.  The first scientific article highlights the most common cause of blindness, that is, Cataract, where the lens becomes opaque.  The second cover story deals with the often-asked questions on eye donation and eye transplant.  The third cover story is about Retinoblastoma, a cancer arising from retinal cells. As usual, we have added three life stories.  The first life story is about a female musician from Chennai, who is blind from birth, but now is a recipient of the Padmashree award.  The second life story revolves around the former Blind Indian cricket team captain from Shimoga.  He is also awarded Padmashree this year.  The third life story deals with the Microbiologist from Bangalore Manipal Hospital.  He became blind due to an acid attack, 20 years back.  These landmark biographies will tell you how to overcome a shortcoming by sheer determination.
As usual, we have also included two interviews.  One is with Dr. Tony Fernandez, the doyen of ophthalmic surgery.  The second one is from the eminent Dr. P.K.Rath from DDC Laboratory, Trichy on the diagnostic speciality. We have also added health tips highlighting Yoga exercises for long-lasting eye health.  This time, the technical article is on interpreting the quality control charts.
I am glad to state that we have received very good feedback through ‘letters to editor’, where most of the readers stated that they are happy to read TechAgappe and are eagerly waiting for the next issue.  The responses to the ‘quiz’ were also very encouraging. Thus, I am sure, this issue of the TechAgappe will give useful insights to the problems of various eye diseases and certain special aspects of laboratory practices. I am proud to announce that the ensuing issues of TechAgappe will cover other important topics. Your constructive criticisms to improve the contents will be greatly appreciated.
With warm personal regards,
Dr. D.M. Vasudevan MD, FRCPath
Chief Editor - Techagappe

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