TechAgappe April - June 2018 Edition

I am very pleased to place before you, this latest issue of TechAgappe, the quarterly review of health and laboratory medicine.  Different themes were elaborated in previous editions on each issues, such as Renal illnesses, Hepatic ailments, Pancreatic disorders, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Gastroenterological complaints, Gynaecological maladies, Clinical haematology, Lung diseases, Musculoskeletal disorders, Eye diseases, Skin diseases etc. This magazine is now regular in publication at intervals of three months. I am also happy to report that the laboratory community has warmly welcomed the previous issues of the magazine.
The present issue focuses on diseases affecting cardiovascular system.
We have, as usual, included three scientific articles, three life stories, two interviews and one technical article. We have a poem about Heart and a small article about Importance of Lipid Profile. From MD’s desk, we have an article on ‘Innovation and Affordability in Pre–analytics’ where we have pointed out one of our latest innovative product ‘Mispa Label’.
We have three medical articles. The first scientific article describes the cardiac markers, which will be very relevant to the clinical laboratories.  The second cover story is from Dr. Jose Chacko, Lisie Hospital, Kochi - an authority on the subject.  He has written on the matters related to heart transplantation.   The third cover story is by Dr. Mathews Paul from Moulana Hospital, Perinthalmanna, highlighting the latest trends in interventional cardiology.
As usual, we have added three life stories. The first life story is about Mr. Girish Kumar from Palakkad who had heart failure. He is the one who faced dual heart transplant in India for the first time under the supervision of Dr. Jose Chacko in Lisie Hospital. Second story is about Mr. Rishabh Puri from Chandigarh who had been suffering from cardiac issues. He had Hyperlipidemia from childhood onwards and he faced frequent cardiac arrests. But he could overcome all those challenges and could become a great writer and entrepreneur. He is the writer of famous book ‘Flying without wings’. The third story is from Mr. K. J. Joseph, Chairman of Thejo Engineering Ltd, Chennai. He is known as the ‘Stent Man’ as he has around 9 stents in his body followed by many heart valve issues and surgeries. He successfully manages his health condition and is a living example for motivating other persons who faces cardiac diseases.
In this issue, we have included two interviews. One is with Dr. S. I. Padmavathi, the oldest and first woman cardiologist in India, who now heads the National Heart Institute, New Delhi. The second interview is with Dr. Dharani of Orbito Asia's Diagnostic, Coimbatore, who is sharing his knowledge about recent trends in IVD industry.
We have a technical article in this edition about ‘Importance of Hardware Calibration in Clinical Laboratory’ which makes the magazine more useful and attractive to its readers engaged in IVD industry.
I am glad to state that we have received very good feedback for the last issue through ‘Letters to Editor’, where many of the readers stated that they are eagerly waiting for the next issue. The responses to the ‘Quiz’ were also very encouraging.
I am sure, this issue of the TechAgappe will give useful insights to the problems of cardiac diseases and certain special aspects of laboratory practices. I am proud to announce that the ensuing issues of TechAgappe will cover other important topics. Your constructive criticisms to improve the contents will be greatly appreciated.

With warm personal regards,
Dr. D.M. Vasudevan MD, FRCPath
Chief Editor - Techagappe

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