Our Core Values and Principle

Time and again, Agappe four values and guiding principles have served as sources of strength for the company and still do today. Agappe values date back to its founding in 1995 and grew from BIRTH.



We strive to earn the confidence of our customers through our quality products and services which will lead to customer loyalty and referral. We trust each other in the company by displaying highest levels of integrity in our dealings and working together as a cohesive team.



We respect our customers, employees, our business partners, society and all other stake holders. We show consideration for one another. We respect each other's differences. We treat everyone with dignity.



We excel in everything that we do through innovation, creativity and superior product differentiation that sets us apart from the competition and drive our growth.



We care for our people – our customers by offering quality products which meet their needs; our staff by promoting a culture of openness and providing opportunities to grow in a friendly atmosphere; our society by being a responsible corporate citizen.

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