Immunochemistry Equipment

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Specific Protein Analyzer

Mispa i2 , adds benefits to technological amalgamation of both golden standard nephelometry and turbidometry,…More

Automated Cartridge Based Specific Protein Analyzer

Mispa i3 is designed to deliver consistent and reproducible results and enhances the patients and doctors…More

Turbi Quick

Turbidimetric Analyzer for Protein DeterminationsMore

Immunochemistry Reagent

Ready to use & Complete range of Immunochemistry Reagents

High sensitivity No hook effect Supplied with calibrators Calibrators traceable to WHO reference materials Standardized to international reference values Convenient…More

Reagents for Mispa i Specific Protein Analyzer


Reagents for Mispa i2 Specific Protein Analyzer


Prefilled Cartridge Reagents for Mispa i3 Automated Specific Protein Analyzer


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